Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feedback from the contributors

I am floored with the great response the ebook is getting from the contributors. Of course I care what the general public thinks, but I really value the opinions of the contributors who put so much work into this. Each person on the project is somebody I really admire, and I want the contributors to have something that they feel proud of. Here are just a few of the responses we got so far:

Wow! What a comic. This turned out way better than I had imagined... Every piece in it is solid. Both in terms of art and story. I downloaded it this morning anxious to see how my piece fit in (I'm self centered like that). I was also vaguely curious to see what Lars did with his piece, but... I started reading from page 1 and couldn't put it down. Sam Spina's piece is the perfect opening, eloquently illustrating how I imagine most of the contributors felt... (I know he certainly captured how I felt about things... kind of disconnected, hard to relate to, but general bad feeling). Simon Taylor's piece was nice too. If he ever puts out a book of his "living in Japan stories" I would definitely buy it. Peter Conrad's story was haunting... Tod C. Parkhill's story was clever and brilliantly executed. Ben Hutchings story was dynamic. There were just so many different styles and stories... 
 You've preserved a moment in time. Something I'll be able to look back on and read again and remember how everyone came together in the face of a disaster. You should definitely be proud of yourself. I know I certainly feel honored and proud to be a part of this. 
Sam Mooney

Looks great! What a collection! Pleased and proud to be a part of this.
Peter Conrad

This is a GREAT piece of work - and one I'm proud to have contributed to. We should all take a huge pat on our collective back for this. Now - what do we do for an encore???!!! 
Glenn Flemming
Read the book last night, it's really solid. It's got a really good lineup too, both people I've heard of and people I'm not familiar with. and just the right mix of styles - not too much manga, not too much indie
Jeffrey Brown 

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